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Niche Records SRL
Str. Arcusului nr.6A, district 3, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40374340160

E-mail: contact@kpop.ro
Sole registration code: RO24965475

Trade Registry no: J40/508/2009

Bank: Transilvania Agency Civic Centre

Bank account: RO16BTRL04101202M03803XX


The access, visit, use or purchase of the products presented on this website involve the acceptance of terms and conditions below.  

For the purpose of information about the conditions of use of this website, please go through all the sections below.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of use, please do not access this website.  


Niche Records–Niche Records SRL, Romanian legal person, with office in Bucharest, str. Arcusului nr.6A, district 3, registered in Trade Registry with no. J40/508/2009, fiscal code RO 24965475, bank account opened with Banca Transilvania Civil Centre Agency RO16BTRL04101202M03803XX, telephone:  +40374340160, e-mail contact@kpop.ro, as owner of this website;

Seller – Niche Records through the online shop hosted at the web address www.kpop.ro;

Buyer – can be any natural person aged above 18 years old, and who has the capacity of consumer, or legal person, who creates an account on this website and places an order;

User – any natural person aged above 18 years old and who has the capacity of consumer or a natural person as representative of a legal person, registered on this website, who, by finalization of account creation, gave his/her consent to the mentions of the website in the section Terms and Conditions;

Visitor – any natural person who has access to the website;

Account – the section of website for the creation of which the following mandatory information is necessary: surname, first name, password, telephone number, county, town/district, address and which gives the Buyer the opportunity to place his/her order; 

Remote contract – contract signed by the Seller and Buyer in a remote sales system organized, without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and the Buyer, with the exclusive use of one or more remote communication methods until the contract is signed;  

Order – the operation by which the Buyer transmits the Seller, by the Account, his/her intention to purchase goods sold on this website;  

Good – any product from the website, which will be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer following the placement of order;  

Basket – section of Account which allows the Buyer/User to add the Good(s) he/she wants to purchase at the moment of addition or a subsequent moment;  

Wishlist – list in which you can save the Good(s) to be accessed faster later if you want to move it/them to the shopping basket or to delete it/them.

In stock – the status of Goods of being in stock of Seller and available for immediate delivery. 


Niche Records as Seller will respect the provisions Government Ordinance no. 34/2014 for the legal regime of remote contracts, which gives the Buyer, natural person who has the capacity of consumer (only according to the law mentioned) the right of withdrawal in the following conditions:

If you sign the remote Contract as a consumer, you benefit from a period of 14 days to withdraw from the remote Contract, without having the obligation to justify the withdrawal decision and you will only pay the direct costs for return of Goods. Also, as a consumer, you are responsible only for the reduction of value of products resulted from the handling of Goods, different from what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of goods. 

The conclusion of remote Contract represents the moment of confirmation on sustainable support, by Niche Records, of the acceptance of Order transmitted by the Buyer who is a consumer.  

The Seller has the right that when he believes that the Buyer’s actions were with bad intention, he can request damages to the Buyer, according to the legal provisions in force.

You can find the withdrawal procedure detailed in the section ”Return Policy” and this applies only to natural persons who are consumers. 

It is prohibited to access this website with automatic download software without the express permission of Niche Records.

It is prohibited to provide false or incomplete data when you complete the Order, in this case we reserve the right to take legal actions against the guilty persons.  

The orders on the website www.kpop.ro are placed by adding the desired Good in the Basket. The finalization of Order is made by the payment made by one of the payment methods indicated in section ”Payment” from the website. When the selected Good is added in the Basket, it is available to be purchased to the extent that it is available in stock. 

If the Good is added in the Basket, but the Order is not finalized, the failure to finalize an  Order does not have as effect its registration. Once he/she make an order, the Buyer agrees to the specific terms listed on the order page and to the prices of Goods and the transport cost displayed in the Basket.

Niche Records delivers the products to the Buyer by one of the methods set out in section ”Delivery” from the website, and the risk of loss or deterioration of Goods is transferred to the Buyer when the Buyer or a third party appointed by the Buyer, other than the  carrier, comes in physical possession of the Goods. 


The delivery deadline for the Goods in stock is 1-2 working days, and for those on order the deadline is 3-5 weeks.

The Seller commits to deliver the Goods in courier system or in the Romanian Post Offices.  

Details about the delivery and related costs can be found in section ”Delivery”.  


The user is responsible and will make sure that all the information inserted in Account is correct, complete and updated. Niche Records is not liable for the content, quality or nature of descriptions of products and comments inserted by Users/Visitors. 

Niche Records is not liable for the websites that have links from this website.  

 Niche Records is not liable for the deficiencies due to the server which hosts the website or for the problems caused by the functionality of Internet connection. 

Any attempt at unauthorised access to this website and any attempt of fraud will be reported to the competent authorities. 

GUARANTEES All the products sold by Niche Records have guarantee conditions according to the legal provisions in force.  


The whole content of this website (texts, images, graphics, buttons, software, web graphic elements, scripts etc.) is the property of Niche Records, its associates or partners and is protected according to the Law no. 8/1996 for copyright and related rights, republished and other legal provisions for intellectual property right.  

The combination of the website content (website design) is the exclusive property of Niche Records and is protected by Law no. 8/1996 for copyright and related rights, republished and other legal provisions for intellectual property right.

The use without the written consent of any elements listed above is punished according to the legal provisions in force.


Niche Records SRL, as Personal Data Controller processes a series of personal data by the website, especially as a result of your registration by creation of your Account, according to the provisions of Regulation (EU)2016/679 of European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 for protection of natural persons regarding the personal data and free movement of these data and repealing the Directive 95/46/CE and other legal provisions in force. You can find details about the processing of your personal data in the section ”Privacy Policy” regarding the purpose of processing, the legal virtue of processing, to whom your personal data are disclosed, what is the storage period, what rights you have in relation to the processing of these data and other information set out by the legal provisions in force. 


The discount policy on website is established completely by Niche Records. The discounts, promotions and reductions are not cumulative. All the promotions that exist on website are valid in the limit of available stock.


If the customer cancels unilaterally any order that has already been paid by Credit Card or PayPal, Niche Records will charge a 5% cancellation fee that will be retained from the amount to be refunded.

Paid orders that are cancelled due to unavailability of the product or any reason other than the decision of the customer are not subject to having the cancellation fee applied.


Niche Records guarantees the data confidentiality and will not provide any information (names, addresses, orders etc) to third parties, except for the representatives of the fast courier company or Romanian Post Office.  


The contractual relations between the Parties will be governed by Romanian law and if the national legislation of consumer sets out a higher protection level, they will apply those provisions. 

Any conflict which appeared between Niche Records and the Buyer will be amicably settled by negotiation between the two Parties. If this is not possible, they will apply the Romanian legal provisions and if the national legislation of consumer sets out a higher protection level, they will apply those provisions from this field and the settlement of conflicts is the competence of the courts of law.