Loyalty Program

Because you are our client and we love you, we want to show our appreciation for your loyalty. The Kpop.ro loyalty program is dedicated to all users who place an order on our website using a client account.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Each order you place and complete will be recorded in the “Orders history” section of your account and will automatically be entered into the loyalty program.

The total value of the products bought in the last 12 months (amount to date) will place you into one of the following categories:

  • “Debutant” – total purchases between 2500 and 4999 RON incl. VAT

You get a 5% discount for all the products on the website.

  • “Rising Star” – total purchases between 5000 and 7499 RON incl. VAT

You get a 7.5% discount for all the products on the website.

  • „Idol” – total purchases over 7500 RON incl. VAT

You get a 10% discount for all the products on the website.

The values of the orders placed on the website will be added into the loyalty program after the orders have been finalized and delivered to you. In case of returns, the value of the order will be deducted from the total amount.

The products from the “pre-order” or “back-order” categories added to an order will count towards the loyalty program only after the order can be fulfilled: meaning after the order is dispatched.

How are the discounts applied?

The discounts will be applied starting with your next order after the fulfillment of the latest order which placed you into one of the loyalty program categories.

For example, if you have a total value of orders in the amount of 2300 RON in the last 12 months and you place another order with the value in the amount of 300 RON, then after this order is fulfilled and delivered, your next order will be eligible for the 5% discount pertaining to the “Debutant” loyalty program category, if at the time of the order the value of the completed orders from the last 12 months will still be over 2500 RON.

For orders placed in other currencies the exchange rate will be used to determine the loyalty level.

Which products are part of the loyalty program?

All products listed on the website are part of the loyalty program. The discounts generated by this program cannot be cumulative with discounts from other campaigns.

The value of transport, poster tubes and gift-wrapping services of the products delivered will not count towards the order value needed for the specific tiers in the loyalty program.

How long is the discount active?

The discount is active on a permanent basis, as long as the client account is active and the total value of the orders in the last 12 months (amount to date) surpasses at least the first level of the loyalty program.

We also reserve the right to make changes or cancel this program at any time.

How can I check which category I belong to?

To check if you are eligible for a discount or to check the category you belong to, you can check your account page: https://www.kpop.ro/my-account/ and you should see a distinctive icon above your username.